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Sweet Charity

Sell Out

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Fandom as a slightly squishy whole contains some of the most talented and generous people imaginable. Which is fortunate, because otherwise they'd be completely unsellable.

Yes! For a short time only, you can bid for a Charity Ho who will make for you the vid, fiction or graphic of your choice - or may be a special guest offering something completely different. Not only will you end up with a custom made goodie but your donation will go towards helping someone, or someones, have the quality of life every single person on the planet should have a right to.
I must know more!

If doing other, little, things to generally make the world a better place for someone or someones is appealing in your eyes, check out itslittlethings to see what's out there.

Note: Please do not post links to your fund-raiser / cause / event in here - it's not a general charity journal, it's not the place. Entries will be deleted. But please do feel free to contact me if you want a link (text or 88x31 button) put on the SC site, I will be more than happy to do so.

Alternatively, please post to charityhub

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