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Disappointment and time to just let go

I would just like to congratulate these people for their outstanding generosity in doing absolutely nothing...it was really great of you guys to offer yourselves up for charity auctions and then as soon as my donations were made you all stopped talking to me. Way to go on your civic spirit! I don't even feel bad about outing you. Perhaps if you had bothered to contact me I wouldn't be quite so harsh about this, but my disappointment has been brewing for five years now and I'm done with it.

In September 2007, I won the writing skills of pesha who was going to write me a private fanfic...never heard from her again, never received my goodie. The worst part about this one...she's on my flist :(

In February 2008, I won the writing skills of darlas_mom for two fanfic auctions. She was going to write me two private fanfics...never heard from her again, never received either goodie. The worst part about this one...again, she's on my flist :(

Also in February 2008, I won the writing skills of ryuutchi for a private fanfic auction...never heard from her again, never received my goodie.

In April 2008, I won the vidding skills of loverstar for 3x fanvids...due to personal reasons, loverstar had to pull out of the making...our wonderful mod halcyon_shift generously pinch-hit one of the fanvids for me but I never received the other two. I don't feel quite so much anger here, loverstar was a really sweet person and she kept me updated the whole time. I'm just disappointed that I missed out on two of my fanvids.

In July 2009, I won the writing skills of ladyyueh for a private fanfic. I never heard from her again and never got my goodie.

In April 2010, I won the writing skills of goddess47 for a private fanfic. She was never to be seen or heard from again and I never got my goodie.

*sigh* so this is me giving up, there's no point in hoping that any of these will ever get pinch-hit. The site is gone and it wasn't like anyone was ever interested in checking the pinch-hit list anyway.
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Auction Closed (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee remix)

All Podfic and Video notifications have been sent out.

And. You know. $6,036.50!


$ 6 , 0 3 6 . 5 0

Apparently, you all decided to cover tech costs for a week and then threw in the cover for a DNA briefing while you were there, just because you're that freaking awesome. I wonder if RAINN has a dance of joy? I bet they totally do.

I do. It will not be filmed. You're welcome.

Okay, so, if you've won a bid (check over here) and haven't received your "how to donate" email, comment with your username, your tart's username and the category and I'll make sure it gets sent to you.

If you're a Tart who's been donated for, but haven't received a confirmation email (to see if you've been donated for, check over here - if the background of the goodie is green, not red, the donation has been made), comment with your name, the bidder's name and the category and an email will be on its way.

$6,036.50 \o/

Notifications: Graphics, Jewelry & Miscellaneous

All notifications have been sent out for Graphics, Jewelry & Miscellaneous!

Tonight the auction closes with Videos and Podcasts and we are $500ish off the limit of RAINNs hopes and dreams. If we don't raise a single cent more, you already kind of win forever, as illustrated by Collapse ), but if we want to see just how many exclamation marks we can get (oh, and cover technology costs for a week), we're aiming for $5,750.

Donation Time!

Okie dokie, I'm about to start the ball rolling out the winner notification / donation emails and it would be fantabulous to get a few volunteers to try the system out before I send everything out. Is there a Cloth Merchant / Fiction winner or three out there able and also willing to give me a hand?


The good news is, the site stayed up! Also, the bidding ended when it should!

The bad news is, the bidding ended on all categories. THIS IS AN ERROR! Don't panic, bidding will resume shortly :) my browser was momentarily possessed by demons. Awesome!

Again, notifications will begin to go out tomorrow with information on how to donate for your Tart. For now, you can see winning bids over here. If you see something isn't entirely right it would be great if you can let me know - thank you!

It begins ...

First, EEEEEEEEEEEEE \o/ We went over $4k! Somewhere, the people at RAINN are doing a happy dance and they don't know why ...

Second, the long slow end to the auction starts today with bidding on Cloth Merchants and Fiction closing at midnight site time tonight. In theory. In fact, we may a) crash early because the server fell over or b) close late because the script has gone spang into the corner. Neither of these is hugely likely, but just in case you were planning to wait 'til the last second to sneak your bid in, it is a possibility.

E-mails with winner confirmation and info on how to donate will start going out on Monday, I'll be posting back in here with progress updates and plaintive requests for guinea pigs. You know. As usual. *g*